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Win a one-on-one
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win a one-on-one video call with Anna herself!

Order a box of 6 Švabín Alchemical Brewery beers through Anna de Ville’s affiliate link & get a chance to win a one-on-one video call with Anna herself! The winner will be picked randomly on September 1st 2023.

Anna de Ville

Švabín Beer Box 6x500ml

4 – 583 Kč
6 – 1183 Kč
12 – 1983 Kč
20 +83 Kč

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Thirsty for more of adventure? Taste 'em all with Švabín Beer Boxes! This Box includes MANSFELD Czech Premium Pale Lager, GRACE O’MALLEY Irish Red Ale, WALTER RALEIGH New England IPA, DUMMY KING West Coast IPA, BLACK REITЕR Irish Extra Stout and FAUST American Pale Ale.


American Pale Ale, American West Coast IPA, Czech Premium Pale Lager, Irish Extra Stout, Irish Red Ale, New England IPA

When did you start liking beer? Have you liked it your whole life?

Anna: I never liked beer up until recently, I credit Czech culture as being a major contributor to that…

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– When did you start liking beer? Have you liked it your whole life?

Anna:: I never liked beer up until recently, I credit Czech culture as being a major contributor to that. There is a fond memory I have from the first beer I had; I stole it from my dad, and my mom found it in my room. My parents decided it was my dad’s responsibility to discipline me on this, so one day he picked me up from school and took me on a walk through a park. He told me to go home and act mad, but if I ever wanted a beer to just ask him, not go through friends, and to not let my mother know about it. It was our secret, so in some ways beer is very sentimental to me. It’s nice to finally start appreciating it as something entirely different.

– Why did you decide to start working with Svabin Alchemical Brewery? What interested you in this particular brew company?

Anna: For full disclosure: I only found out about this brewery through one of my friends, and I was able to taste the different types. It wasn’t until I did more research on the company and discovered how long they had been brewing beer which really attracted me. I’m a big fan of history, so working with a company that’s existed for centuries is immensely honoring.

– Which one of the Svabin beer styles is your favorite?

Anna:: Personally, I tend to prefer darker beers. I’m not that educated when it comes to differences between beers and lagers/stouts etc… but hopefully I’ll learn more as I continue to partner with Svabin. In any case my favorites out of their core flight is the Bottle Royale, and Dummy King. I can really appreciate the flavors in Bottle Royale, and then coming as a scotch connoisseur I respect the ABV they can create without overwhelming your palette.

– What should your fans expect from this collaboration?

Anna:: The collaboration will – hopefully – create a new vessel in which I can connect more with my fans that consider themselves beer hobbyists, or just fans that want to try something new and explore with me at the same time.

– Is there an Anna de Ville special beer on the horizon?

Anna:: No promises, but if everything goes well I think we can all anticipate a special edition being released in the near future. Who knows? They might even dedicate a special edition to my dog Jamie too. What is summer without warm nights, a beer to cool you down, and your best furry friend to complete it?

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